I love speaking to people about technology and community.

With a strong working background in both the not-for-profit and and community sectors, and as a hands-on website builder and digital manager, I have a unique perspective on combining those two worlds. 
They’re worlds that are colliding — and fast!

I am passionate about breaking down the barriers between tech and non-techs. 
I believe in learning, teaching, and inspiring through doing, and showing others how to do regardless of their past technical experience.

I have a number of speaker gigs coming up. If I’m in an area around you I’d love the opportunity to do more talks, hold workshops, or host a breakfast. We can cover so many things: 
    •    Digital tech and tools
    •    Leveraging social media for your campaigns
    •    Using tech and digital to engage and attract volunteers
    •    Community and tech sustainability (both worlds are looking at succession planning and transition for new volunteers)

I can go high tech and talk building and open source communities; I can go low low tech and talk community building, engagement, and development; or we can meet in the middle with a combination of the two.

As a country girl myself, I have a soft spot for rural communities.

If you are from a rural or regional area I’d just love to chat about your ideas, no requirements or expectations or strings — but I have to say, if you’re rural or regional, I sincerely believe technology offers enormous potential to rebuild communities, and to remedy the digital divide. If don’t want to see our young people and business getting left behind any more than you do — so we should work on that!

Upcoming Speaker/Workshop Sessions


  • October 2018, Community Centres SA conference, speaker, Adelaide, Aus
  • March - 2018 - CPA Australia NFP Conference, speaker, Melbourne, Aus
  • November 2017 - DrupalSouth, Speaker, Auckland NZ
  • October 2017, Digital Community Building - created and facilitated, Adelaide, Aus
  • October 2017 - ACOSS Conference, workshop panel speaker, Melbourne, Aus
  • September 2017, Alterconf, speaker, Melbourne, Aus
  • August 2017 - SHA2017, Speaker, The Netherlands
  • June 2017 - Opportunity Child Connect 2017, panel speaker, Melbourne, Aus

Links to talks:

Saturday 23 September - AlterConf, Melbourne - "Who advocates for people? The need for technology in grassroots movements"

Wednesday 25 October 2017 - National ACOSS Conference, MelbourneWorkshop - Becoming a better advocate for change

7 August 2017 - #SHA2017 - The Netherlands - Resisting Algorithms of Mass Destruction