I love speaking to people about technology and community.

With a strong working background in both the not-for-profit and and community sectors, and as a hands-on website builder and digital manager, I have a unique perspective on combining those two worlds. 
They’re worlds that are colliding — and fast!

I am passionate about breaking down the barriers between tech and non-techs. 
I believe in learning, teaching, and inspiring through doing, and showing others how to do regardless of their past technical experience.

I have a number of speaker gigs coming up. If I’m in an area around you I’d love the opportunity to do more talks, hold workshops, or host a breakfast. We can cover so many things: 
    •    Digital tech and tools
    •    Leveraging social media for your campaigns
    •    Using tech and digital to engage and attract volunteers
    •    Community and tech sustainability (both worlds are looking at succession planning and transition for new volunteers)

I can go high tech and talk building and open source communities; I can go low low tech and talk community building, engagement, and development; or we can meet in the middle with a combination of the two.

As a country girl myself, I have a soft spot for rural communities.

If you are from a rural or regional area I’d just love to chat about your ideas, no requirements or expectations or strings — but I have to say, if you’re rural or regional, I sincerely believe technology offers enormous potential to rebuild communities, and to remedy the digital divide. \ don’t want to see our young people and business getting left behind any more than you do — so we should work on that!

Upcoming Speaker/Workshop Sessions

Saturday 23 September - AlterConf, Melbourne - "Who advocates for people? The need for technology in grassroots movements"

Wednesday 25 October 2017 - National ACOSS Conference, MelbourneWorkshop - Becoming a better advocate for change

Recent Speaker Events

7 August 2017 - #SHA2017 - The Netherlands - Resisting Algorithms of Mass Destruction