For over eight years I have worked remotely living in a number of locations in Australia. Whilst it can seem unconventional to work with someone remotely, it's a natural part of the way I work - and because I'm a fantastic communicator it works well!

Benefits of working with someone remotely:

  • I use a range of tools to communicate, voice, video, management systems, email and any system you use I can use. 

  • You save money because we get right down to business, you don't have to pay travel costs and our meetings are always productive

  • You save time by not having to schlep through traffic to visit me where ever I am - and vice versa

  • I'm only a voice or video call away - you run into an issue and within minutes we can be working together

  • I have worked with people right across Australia - so I have breadth and depth of experience

  • I can easily integrate with a technical team as I've worked with some of the best freelancers across Australia and beyond

  • You don't need to buy me cake (- ok that actually is a massive downside!)

Of course we can always talk about getting together for a face to face meeting!