I've worked for eight years in the web and social media space working exclusively with not-for-profits, local, state and federal government and charity organisations. 

My background is in community building and sustainability. I accidently stumbled into technology after being a participant in the former Rudd Government's 2020 Summit. Once I saw the potential in using technology to connect, engage and expand opportunities and ideas I never looked back!

Being a community builder first and a technologist second means I come at technology with a different approach than most. To me technology is about people and community; like any great community it has to be inclusive, connected and support the work of the people that create change and make a difference. 

Professionally I have been a project manager, operations manager, CEO and a volunteer and participant in many community organisations working with people committed to making local, rural, Indigenous, refugee, and environmental communities stronger.

You can view my full resume on LinkedIn if you like.