I'm a technologist for people & communities.

It was once I started living and breathing technology that the “how to” of building community, fostering collaboration, and creating structures for broad social change came together.

I use technology to empower and connect people to build communities. 

I can help you do this within your organisation, community, or network.

Together we can use technology to create change, and do more. 


I have a natural tendency to come in and lead, my style is to lead from behind. The vision for change, opportunity, and impact that I want to be a part of is simply not possible without lifting those around me. A well managed team is stronger and more inspiring than the sum of its parts.

I have a gift for bringing technologists and non-technologists along for the journey, and getting everyone talking from the same page.


During a talk on asset based community development, an image of a solitary man on a crowded street holding a sign saying “collaborate or die” was a lightbulb moment.

Fostering collaboration requires a keen grasp of the available capacities, assets, and potentials, and knowing where and how to direct them. This is about reading people and organisations, and recognising their strengths and capacity to contribute.


Technology provides us with hitherto unimagined possibilities for creating networks, expanding reach, communicating, and replicating projects that work.

I build in Drupal and love open source. I'll only use tools that are easy to use and appropriate for organisations and individuals; inappropriate tools and costs serve no one!
I am also skilled in Joomla! can manage CRM integration, and dabble in Wordpress.