I'm one of those people with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for the topics I'm passionate about. I'm dedicated to empowering others and sharing my experiences - and I have a lot!

I'm a person that likes to knit together the complicated fabric of communities, of people, skills, and experience, and then tighten the thread to create something wonderful. Wow, that's cheesy. but it's true. 

I excel in community building, web development, and digital community building using social media and other platforms. I am passionate about skilling women and non techs in how to get the most out of technology, and to love it's potential and use. 

You can hire me for a range of services including workshops, web and digital training, community engagement, and project development. 

I have a unique, collaborative approach to workshop, project and training development. I combine my community background of strengths based, asset based community development (ABCD), with my ten years working and building web and digital strategies for the not for profit and government sector.