I work on projects and for causes I am passionate about, this means if we choose to work together you are going to be working with someone that is energetic, has ideas and is full of enthusiasm for what you do and helping you to do it. 

Technology projects are a risk. You might be visiting my site because you are anxious about your upcoming project, you want to make it a success, but you also know that it's taken a lot of effort to secure the funds to make your project a reality - and you don't have a big, fat bucket of cash that you can hit up if something goes wrong or the project misses the mark. 

I am here to share my knowledge and experience with you so you feel confident and your organisation has the best opportunity at creating a wonderful web project - whilst helping you to me more efficient with your limited resources, money and time. 

I'm here for as much or as little as we think your project may need. I have a broad range of experiences and offerings that I could bring to your organisation and your team. 

Want to learn a little more? The areas I excel in are:

Project Management

Short term digital strategy and project management

Drupal & CMS Development

Proposal, Tender & Grant Assistance

Specialist Rural ICT Project Design & Development

WCAG Accessibility Consultation and Auditing