It must have been so fun in the early days building Drupal from scratch. Imagining how a CMS should look, how it should be used, who should use and what they should build.

I’ve seen that bit in the Facebook movie where the devs sprint like guinea pigs, writing poetry code – as a non-coder all of my coding vision is based on this scene, it’s why I’ve never learned, if I couldn’t move my fingers that fast I’m not sure I’d ever be truly satisfied.  

Back then there must have been the coolest vision for Druapl, its use, its direction. The barriers to entry may have been high, but they were high to get into tech anyway so it didn’t really matter.

Now the barriers to entry to tech are low, but I argue the barriers to Drupal are still far too high. It’s not that it’s not easy to learn some stuff, or that the people in the community aren’t helpful; it’s just that it’s so much easier to use something else.

When the White House built in Drupal there was a window where it was easy to sell, it was leverage that sustained Drupal and open source CMS’ for a number of years. It was easy to sell because there was a story, who didn’t want to be cool like the White House (back then)?

In tech I can only sell a vision if there is a story attached to it. The words that describe technology and community are meaningless, over used, unable to be discerned. I feel stuck writing about the projects I’d create, because without examples I feel like I’m just making shit up.

But I think the world needs the people behind Drupal now more than ever. Everyone that’s not in technology wants to know how to create collaboratively, how to build inclusively, how to imagine and develop something that connects people to the future. People behind Drupal, you’ve done it, now others want to be like you.

So how to show people how to do great things? At the moment are we leaving it up to businesses to leap first, or organisations to ask first? I don’t think that’s inspiring enough for people to get behind.

I want to see projects that are Drupal led. In my view the most effective leaders lead from behind.

I can’t think of very many problems in today’s world that don’t require some form of technical solution, and I can’t think of many examples where Drupal couldn’t play some role in that solution.

In Drupal you have an ecosystem. Most solutions people are gravitating towards are simplistic and singular, they can only go so far. But if you connected the dots to the people and the technology in Drupal you’d create models that would be game changers. That would create stories. People gravitate to stories. People want to be a part of stories. People can sell stories.

If we were going to build things that were Drupal led would we create lasting change? Would we make a difference? Would we get others to join? Where would you start? Where on the horizon would you be looking?

Apr 17, 2017 By lyndsey

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