Hits from the Blog is small chunks or little blog hits, a bit like a Dear Diary. I wanted a way to do short unstructured posts, and if people respond I'll know what's worth turning in to actual blog posts. So, if I'm doing anything you find interesting that you'd love me to expand on just poke me in the comments or on social media.

Thoughts on community technology, the folly of relying on data, and making decisions

Posted on Sep 21, 2017

I’ve come to the point in my journey where I have to pull the elements together and lock in a direction. I can’t keep avoiding the question any longer.

It’s interesting considering projects using technology at scale in the community sector. Firstly, you can have ideas and ideas are great, but finding funding or a starting point is the tricky part. The struggle in this sector is one that people have lamented for years, funding is tight, it’s confined to need, and you have to continually downgrade your community to show why it’s the most desperate, the most depraved and then most “at risk”. It’s why I’ve never worked in the sector, but rather alongside it.

It means that innovation is slow going. Yes I have ideas, but I’ve spoken to so, so many people whose ideas, innovation, and impact far outstrips mine. What if they were given funding to do exactly what their years of...

Thoughts for today: Hackathons, Techfugees, and System Venturing

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Two blog posts in one day! I've really found these short snappy blog hits are letting me do quick, unstructured posts without pressure. In turn this is unblocking my blogger writers block!


Today I met with Cal from Random Hacks of Kindness . Like me, he has a passion for rural projects and for the potential for tech projects in rural Australia and in developing countries. We talked about the future of hackathons - have we reached peak hackathon? Probably, but we both agree that there is still a lot of opportunity to take these projects to rural and regional Australia.

Solving the rural and regional delivery challenge forces us to come up with solutions for a number of issues that support the scene within city limits too; remote participation, packaging hackathons better for volunteer delivery, creating ongoing project development and evolution, and picking...

I have a lot of stuff I'm doing and am excited by...

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Hey, thanks for reading. I like blogs but I find myself caring about structure and a message and blah, blah. I know that's not necessarily how blogs need to be, but I still wanted something a bit looser to see if I blog more. So this is the first post in a new section of my blog I have created Hits from the Blog - spelling errors and typos will happen here!

It's been ages since I blogged properly (ok I did a quick one last week) and in the past year or so I have done SO much stuff and now I'm involved in a lot of cool things.

Ok - I'll tell you about the things I've been involved in today - that will start us off but I won't feel compelled to put all the things down. And I have nine minutes until a meeting.

I'm tweeting from the @DrupalGTD account - so this has been super fun - I love tweeting - I started tweeting one year ago - I should blog about what I've...