Having an organisation you work for go under is traumatic. Especially if it was one that did great work.

As I hear of businesses closing and going into administration frequently, I reflect on my own experiences and wonder if the people in those businesses saw the signs? Did they see the course the ship was on, doomed to hit the iceberg? Since they've closed, do these people continue to see the gaping hole in the market left behind and wonder, what if?

Over the eight years of working with the same organisation I became complacent. I've always been a fantastic networker, and whilst I continued to build relationships, I really let networks slip, or at least I thought so. 

These last six months have been about reconnecting and rebuilding networks - and I network like a boss. It's been a great confidence rebuilder. 

I've had so many conversations with women that have let their networks, CV's and LinkedIn profiles slide. Many of these women are in the transition phase to the next steps in their career; you know that point where you realise you're not inexperienced? You sit in that middle ground of having knowledge and insight to share, and you're very aware that the next step should be a strategic one. 

It's also a time where confidence is key. This doesn't have to be all out bust through the ceiling confidence, but it is the confidence to speak up and make your interests and your passions known. If you don't, opportunities will pass you by, and more frustratingly they will be handed onto someone else - probably a guy with less experience, but hey, he spoke up. 

Articulating your next steps is tough. I feel for people that have been made redundant or whose companies have closed and they have to take the journey of figuring out what's next. We know there is a cruel side to retrenchment, expecially in an ageist society where workforce opportunities are rapidly changing. 

I've finally managed to find the words to redo my home page and "sell" my skill set as more than just project management. I'm still not sure what my next steps look like, but at least my home page is snazzier. 

Mar 5, 2017 By lyndsey

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