Short term digital strategy and project management


Project Management

With nine years of project management building websites, my knowledge can assist your team in a smoother, happier, successful project.


Build community - on and offline

Want to create change and build community? I can help you build projects that help you to engage and create supportive, inclusive communities on and offline.


Proposal & Tender Guidance

Having trouble comparing oranges and apples? Have you sent your proposal through your organisation only to get a bunch of extra requirements? Even small, well meaning ideas can turn into big, unnecessary expenses - fast.


Drupal Building & Management

I have experience in Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress - but Drupal is definitely my favourite. I am a lover of open source and well built, usable and free tools. 


WCAG Accessibility

Don't be that organisation that thought about accessibility way too late. Accessibility means inclusion for a range of abilities and ages - and it's great for SEO. 


Training & Support

Do you feel like your team has lost touch with your website, perhaps you've had staff changes or you just don't understand how your site has been built. I've trained people remotely all over Australia in Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. 

Need someone fantastic short term?

If your organisation or agency is looking for someone who does fantastic work, can help you hit your budget and timeline, is engaging and empathetic, and works in an inclusive way to ensure that projects produce the best outcomes, then I could be the person for you!

I have years of experience working with organisations whose budgets are tight, time is poor and who need their team to be able to take ownership of their technology project and have it flourish without going back to a costly developer for day to day operations. 

I've worked on over 100 web projects including  40 Drupal projects, 30 Drupal site migrations, and CRM integrations; all  for not-for-profit organisations, local, state and federal governments.

I've managed remote teams and worked with fantastic people across Australia and beyond. 

Support to Use Your Own Team & Knowledge

One of the most exciting changes I've seen within organisations in recent years is the depth and breadth of internal skills. Frequently I work with organisations whose staff that are skilled designers, developers and communicators. Organisations that are clear on their design, brand and web direction - they just need support to ensure their web project is a success. This is where I can come in. 

I also work with organisations who feel like they don't have a clue! Don't worry you do, we just need to tease it out - and doing this will help your project be a sucess.

I work with teams to assist them in making appropriate technology choices, ensure their design and branding meets WCAG and to assist in site builds. We might end up doing a lot together, or a little, but that peace of mind and clarity of direction and approach is priceless!

Be WCAG Accessible

WCAG accessibility is a passion of mine.  If you think it's something your organisation doesn't need to worry about, think again. 

WCAG is about creating equity online, and if your organisation is moving its presence, resources and business functions online without ensuring you are meeting accessibility obligations, then not only are you doing your community a disservice, you may not be meeting your obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act. 

An accessible web is broader than just screen readers. Creating equity online means everyone can access your content, from the young to the old, the abled to the differently abled. And because it's also great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) an accessible site will save you money on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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