Working for a small agency we often had an all hands on deck approach to development. I've been hands on with building sites and have built Joomla! sites for the past nine years and Drupal sites for over three. 

I can jump in and help configure a site, content, configuration and views. I've used and tested many, many modules, I've seen a lot of them fall over and the ongoing issues that have been created and where they are incredibly useful. 

I've worked with developers, front end themers and site builders that have been amazing and ones that have been frankly, crap.

I'm patient, helpful and collaborative, but I am committed to ensuring customers always receive work that is of a high standard and only work with teams with that same objective. 

My passion is for making Drupal in particular usable and engaging, but any technology has to be built with a focus on how a customer is going to manage and maintain it long term.

No core hacks, no options that mean expense of upkeep; I'd rather talk to an organisation about why their idea isn't advisable than do it by any means - it just chews budget and leaves you with a potential mess and wasted time. 

Being able to do and not just teach makes me a valuable addition to your agency for short term projects.