There are a lot of benefits in bringing in an external project manager or digital adviser to your team. It means you have control of the project rather than being solely reliant on an agency. Having someone that is there just as an advocate for you means that you have equal knowledge of the process and the areas you are going to need to focus on internally. 

It's also really useful if you have built your site internally. Have you looked at your organisations website and thought it just doesn't quite hit the mark? Perhaps it feels good but not great. Or people ask questions about you and what you do that is on your website, but the message just isn't getting through. Or you want it to expand or evolve but you don't want to create spaghetti!

The way people access services is changing - especially if you are in aged care or disability. In the era of consumer driven care your website isn't about you, it's about getting people connect with your message or service and then to choose to contact you. It's a very different mindset and fresh eyes, perspective and experience can really help you pull your strategy together. 

I've worked on hundreds of web projects, I've seen what makes a project successful and what can tie an organisation up in knots. There will be times when you feel powerless to articulate your needs, and conversely your agency can feel like they are just as powerless to guide you - after all, the customer is always right. My role sometimes acts as an in between to ensure everyone is speaking a common language, that everyone is reaching the same milestones, and importantly that everyone is headed in the same direction. 

Need more reasons? Look below, I made a fancy list of benefits!

Why Hire an External Project Manager?

Experience you don't have

You may not need an experienced digital project manager long term, what you do want is a successful project and the assurance that your internal team is well trained and empowered to kick goals ongoing

Someone who advocates for you

If you are using a development agency they are going to want to do a fantastic job, but I can collaborate between you both, ensure that nothing is lost in translation and I can be totally honest!

Avoid cost and time blowout

Projects run over budget when expectations and deliverables on either side aren't met. There is nothing worse! I can help preempt issues and avoid pain!

Peace of mind

You've worked hard to get your project off the ground, and the blood, sweat, tears and expectation going into this mean a lot to your organisation and the people you help. There are no do-overs if things go wrong!

Protect your reputation

Discounting the importance of accessibility, commissioning functionality that isn't properly scoped or realising that your server is hosted in Botswana and is a privacy risk is worth avoiding!

Make ongoing management easier

I can share with you the configuration tips, tricks and training that will increase the engagement level of your organisation and their willingness to contribute content and stories ongoing.

Plan the direction after the onoing build

You've made something special and you want it to be a success, but it is going to need a plan. Don't be that organisation that build something great and doesn't nurture it to grow and change. 

Ensure your site reflects you

You want to build a fantastic site, but do you know how to communicate who your organisation is and how it makes an impact? It's the most common discussion I have with organisations and I have lots of strategies and tips to get you on track. 

Upskill and support your team

My aim is always the empowerment of organisations to take their technology and run with it. Developers should play a minimal ongoing role in a website, in fact other than updates or new stuff they shouldn't be called on. 


Hit your SEO and Social goals

Let's make sure your community can find you, and let's do it in a smart way that doesn't burn resources and leave your team staring at a screen wondering why know one can find you when they google you!


Predict & prevent common issue

You know what can go wrong in a site build? Lots of stuff. I've seen countless hours and budget wasted on issues that could have been avoided with preperation and experience. 

Make the most of your budget

Have you added something to your proposal that is going to cost a bomb and deliver little in return? It happens! A developer will quote you on what you ask for, I can talk to you about what is going to deliver.


Integrate your web strategy

Your website can be your communcation hub, your volunteer drive, your recruitment platform and your customer relation management (CRM) system, I can help you put a staged, integrated strategy in place. 


Empower your team

Is your team feeling nervous? Hey, I don't blame them there are a lot of horror stories. But this is an excellent training and development opportunity and I can support them to deliver success. 


Cover all bases

The privacy of your data and those that entrust their data to you is paramount - and it's your responsibility to keep it safe. From hosting issues to privacy policy and security, I can provide advice and guidance. 


User testing and auditing

Is your site the best it can be? Do your visitors agree? A site with usability issues is one people click away from - and quickly. You don't need a big budget to test assumptions and gain peace of mind. 


Migration & platform moves

You want to move platforms, or get all of that content from a deep, dark archive that technology forgot? Let's make a plan and salvage what you need. 


Add cool stuff to your website

Technology is awesome and there are so many great addons for web. Which ones will enhance your site and save you time and money?


Integrate other online tools better

You may not need a site that does everything, but if you are using external tools like surveys, payment gateways or recruitment platforms taking the time to brand them consistently gives a better user experience and builds trust. 


And much more...

I really want an even number of boxes here, so this is the and much, much more box