Whether you are creating a proposal or tender or putting together an idea for a grant application, having someone review your material with you can save you money and headaches. 

It's only natural that a wish list gets created when you put a call out for developers, but what are the gotcha's on your wish list that could end up costing you thousands of dollars extra?

There are a few common mistakes people make such as:

  1. Writing a tender with a specific CMS in mind - it limits your options, 

  2. Sending it around the office for everyone to have a say without having a final assessment of what is really needed; and 

  3. Adding in additional layers of administrative capacity that complicate a site build and are the first thing to get dropped - aka overkill!

  4. Not being clear about what really matters? What's a nice to have and what's a deal breaker?

  5. Not having a clear vision going forward, your system is going to need to last a number of years, be updated, changed with funding, programs and organisational scale and capacity.

What really matters to your organisation is the key. The biggest mistake I saw with organisations is that they often don't ask the right questions - and how can you possibly be expected to know what the right questions are?

I can help you compare apples and oranges and I can help you to identify how to leverage the experience and the systems you already have in to create a great project.