WCAG accessibility is a passion of mine. To be honest this is one area where I don't really care who or how you engage with expertise around accessibility, as long as you do. 

I've heard of developers telling Local Government customers that WCAG doesn't apply to them. It does. And if you want to do more online and more services and interactions online you must have accessibility as a key part of your strategy. If you are being told by a developer that accessibility doesn't apply to you it simply means their system isn't up to standard and they aren't investing in making it comply. 

Accessibility will become an issue, there will be another court case and because government and organisations have had pleanty of time and a clear instruction manual is available there will be little excuse to not have taken accessibility seriously. 

There are cost restrictions for organisations making their sites comply with WCAG, but this really only applies if you have extended functionality. 

One of the problems with web accessibility is that it gets complicated because there are a few factors involved - design, content and technology. I find I have to really focus when I am auditing sites because there is ambiguity and there can be a number of ways to comply or not comply with a guideline. 

One fail also means a site does not comply, and that can be a challenge. But there are choices that your organisation makes and areas that you can upskill your team on. Web accessibility is a shared responsibility, if you leave it up to a developer they will miss something - knowing if your organisations colours are accessible and if your content is produced in a way that meets accessibility is really on you. And it is up to you to hold your developers to account. 

I can run workshops on accessibility for your design and communications team, content team and assist with reviews of developers and system capabilities. I also blog about the topic frequently.

Some links to get you started - including links to organisations that provide acessibility consultation and auditing services:

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