Your website is your system, you commissioned it, you should own it. 

I've seen organisations reluctant to invest in website training when new staff come on board or there are signs that the team is struggling with the system. Not investing in this is false economy. It just means that your team become less and less confident, use the site less and less and it eventually becomes redundant.

Then down the track a decision is made that the current site is too hard to use, out of date and a change has to occur - or you just get a new person that has only ever used one system and doesn't want to admit they need training in order to get up to speed. 

Chucking all that hard work out is the definition of throwing the baby out with the bath water. And chances are the same cycle will be repeated anyway. 

Own your website!

I've worked with Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, Shopify and other platforms and systems. I've written hard copy and online documentation, made screen casts and videos, and of course delivered online and face to face training with organisations across Australia. 

Let's empower as many people in your team as possible to know how your website can be used and how they can contribute to make it a vibrant, relevant and current reflection of your organisation.